Monday, January 17, 2011

Teresa Scanlan New Miss America

Teresa Scanlan, 17-year-old Nebraska girl, was crowned Miss America on Saturday (15 / 1) local time, and became the youngest winner in history after the beauty queen was assessed tranquility, talent, fitness and knowledge.

Scanlan attract the attention of the jury by showing a white evening gown is stunning and its ability to suppress the piano keys while displaying rendition "White Water Chopped Sticks" in the talent competition.

In the last round of questions, he asked about the leakage of confidential government information by networking Wikileaks and which is more important whether the United States or the security or people's right to know sensitive information.

Scanlan looked at the leak as a matter of a spy and said, "When it comes to security issues of our country, we must focus first on safety and people's right to know ... We can not let any such events occur, and they must handled properly, and I think it was the case. "

First runner-up, which will take place in the Miss America Scanlan case could not perform his new role, was Miss Arkansas Alysse Eady.

Among other noteworthy participants is Miss Delaware Kayla Martell, which lasted until the semifinals. Martell suffer pain, alopecia areata, which made him lose all his hair at the age of 10 years, and he appeared with wearing a wig.

This year marks the 90th event Miss America beauty queen. The organization conducting the program achievements and become the main provider of scholarship assistance for young women.

In 2010, the group and local and state affiliates to help out more than 45 million U.S. dollars in cash and scholarship assistance.

Fifty-three women were selected from all regions and states in the country in a local contest before they headed for Las Vegas and following the final event beauty queen on Saturday (15 / 1).

As Miss America, Scanlan during the year ahead will travel around the United States and increase citizen awareness about eating disorders.

Miss America 2010, Caressa Cameron (22) from Virginia into goodwill ambassador for Children's Miracle Network, and he spent one year to help raise awareness about HIV / AIDS

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